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Recycled PVB leathers are sophisticatedly engineered materials composed of three distinct layers, each contributing unique attributes to the overall quality and aesthetics of the product. These layers are: Surface Finish, Recycled PVB Film, and Base Fabric. These layers function both individually and synergistically, ensuring the recycled PVB leathers not only perform effectively but also maintain a superior aesthetic appeal.



Surface treatment

The outermost layer embellishes the product with a myriad of external features. It offers a diverse spectrum of colors, intricate textures, and captivating patterns, enhancing the visual appeal and tactile experience.


Recycled PVB film

Recycled PVB films is situated in the middle and seamlessly bonds the base fabric with the surface finishes. Beyond its adhesive properties, it modulates the material’s tactile flexibility and augments its physical characteristics, ensuring the composite material meets its inherent quality specifications.


Base fabric

Positioned at the bottom, this foundational layer bestows the leather with its primary physical attributes, including tensile strength, tearing resistance, and sewing durability.

About PVB


Our R-PVB leather component is adaptable for various uses, come with diverse surface finishes and customizable physical characteristics. Perfect for industries in shoes, furniture, handbags, sporting balls, apparel, automotive interior decorations, and many more. Contact us for more information.

Properties and Comparison

R-PVB leather component properties

No Item Standard Value Maximum Value
01 Bonding Strength (kg/cm) 0.6 2.5
02 Flexility (cycle): 25°C 80,000 200,000
03 Flexility (cycle): 0 °C 80,000 30,000
04 Abrasion (ASTM D-3884) 1,000 5,000
05 Tensile Strength (kgf/cm) 20 90
06 Tearing Strength (kgf) 20 75
07 Fogging 70.0% 94.2%
08 Feel to Hand 18 ~ 85 ShoreA
09 Weather Resistance Anti-hydrolysis
10 Environmental Protection REACH, GRS, Low Carbon Emissions

Comparison of artificial leather material

No. Item R-PVB PVC Watert-based PU
01 Chemical Name R-Polyvinyl Butyral Polyvinyl Chloride WB Polyurethane
02 Carbon emission Low High High
03 Weather resistance Excellence Excellence Hydrolysis
04 UV resistance Excellence Excellence Poor
05 Dioxin pollution Nil Pollution source Nil
06 Regulatory compliance REACH REACH REACH
07 Recyclibility Recyclable Recyclable Non-recyclable
08 Genuine leather similarity Identical Platic-like Similar
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