We Strive to Transforming Waste to Treasure

Leading Innovation with R-PVB

RecoTec is at the forefront of innovation with our proprietary technology that is redefining the recycling of safety glass waste, setting global standards for low-carbon products. By converting waste materials into precious resources, we are not only fostering a circular economy but also encouraging more environmentally friendly practices for a sustainable future. Embark with us on this pivotal journey towards a greener planet, characterized by conscientious business practices and a profound global influence.

The team behind R-PVB products

We are proud to have a dedicated and skilled team that drives our mission of sustainability and innovation. Our research lab is led by a group of chemical experts who possess a profound understanding of the field, constantly exploring new possibilities and pushing the boundaries of recycled PVB applications.

Additionally, we have a group of seasoned professionals who excel in integrating full supply chain services for our valued customers. From sourcing recycled PVB to providing tailored formulations and timely deliveries, they ensure a seamless and efficient experience for our partners. Together, our passionate and dedicated team at REcoTec embodies our commitment to transforming the recycling landscape, driving sustainability, and delivering innovative solutions to the world.

Our Journey to Sustainability and Success

2019 – Current
Customizable R-PVB Products and Supply Chain Turnkey

We began working closely with our alliances to establish a supply chain network that spans from upstream industries to downstream, enabling us to provide efficient services to our clients.

2019 – Current
Perfecting the Manufacture and Commercialization Process

We successfully commercialized R-PVB products and it has since been widely used in various end-user goods. We continued to effortlessly perfect the manufacturing process for commercializing recycled PVB products.

Earliest Venture for Eco-Friendly Material

Started our quest for alternatives to toxic plastics, after extensive testing and research, we identified PVB as the ideal solution. Subsequently, we embarked on a series of
laboratory tests and modifications to ensure compliance with standards for various applications.

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