Patents & Certifications

Our patent portfolio

Our products have been safeguarded through the application of patents to deter any potential infringements. Concurrently, the establishment of intellectual property protection serves as an assurance for the enduring advantages derived from the collective undertakings of all partners. Moreover, the unveiling of patented technologies holds the potential to facilitate access to progressive technological innovations.

All recycled PVB leathers are patented to prevent infringements and secure sustained profitable benefits for all our partners. Patents M601258, TW1686918, M596236, US8486848B2, US11680368B2, CN11381828B have been officially granted.

All our products have GRS environmental recycling certification

The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is a certification program verifies by a third party, which confirms the recycled content in products. Manufacturers of R-PVB can achieve GRS certification by adhering to specific criteria, including incorporating at least 20% recycled PVB into their products and establishing a traceability system to monitor the recycled content across the supply chain.

This certification, established after completing the procedures set by Control Union (CU), can be transferred to downstream customers for use, and ultimately, the environmental certification mark can be placed on the final products for consumer identification.

The scope of the certification mainly covers companies, manufacturers, sellers, and brands that contain recycled materials in their products. This certification is applicable to the entire supply chain, providing traceability, environmental specifications, social responsibility requirements, and certification markings.

Our GRS label can be extended to your products!
Global Recycle Standard

Made with recycled PVB, more than 80% post-consumer, mostly derived from windshield of abandoned cars.

RecoTec is actively progressing towards its carbon-neutral target through a strategic approach. We take pride in being the pioneer to obtain a GRS certificate in 2012, marking us as the first company with a PVB waste certificate. Additionally, all of our products contain more than 80% of recycled PVB.

CFV: carbon reduction scheme

We are diligently going through the process of carbon footprint verification (CFV), carbon reduction scheme, and carbon neutrality. The primary objective of carbon footprint verification is to give a precise and transparent assessment of an entity’s carbon emissions and overall environmental impact.

With the outcome of the CFV, a carbon reduction scheme will be set up, involving a systematic and strategic approach to identify, prioritize, and implement measures that reduce an organization’s carbon emissions.

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